Monday, November 17th, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014!

Call for an appointment or just Walk In!  425-870-7297

Dear Friends,

Sky Valley Santa is now Marysville Santa! We are here to stay folks! Santa will keep the Sky Valley Santa name around for a while just to avoid getting lost when looking for him under the old name.

This year we are still at the Slumber Ease Mattress Factory in Marysville on 8th street next to the railroad tracks.

Santa’s Den will be open for pictures Friday through Sunday until December 15th and then every day until Christmas Eve.

Santa does participate in several charity activities so our hours do vary on Saturday, November 29th and December 13th.

Santa is embracing fun new technology that allows families to choose a background for your pictures. Have your picture taken outside in a Winter Wonderland or inside all cozy warm next to a fire and a Christmas tree. You can also bring us a picture of your living room, or your favorite place and use it as your backdrop. With this cool technology Santa asks that you stay away from wearing green, it creates some crazy results.

Again this year Santa is doing personalized videos! Santa can send a follow up email to the boys and girls he see’s reminding them to be on the Nice List or just to say ‘Hi, it was really great visiting with you today”.

Let Santa’s helpers know you are interested and we can show you some samples and help you come up with the best message to your child possible.

Santa has coloring tables for the kids and there is always a movie playing on our projector. This year we even have a photo booth that you can post pictures of yourself and your family directly to Facebook.

Hope to see you soon, remember visit Facebook often, Santa will be posting early bird specials!